Sunday, October 30, 2011

Write on Wednesday - When the music's over.

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 22 - Select a piece of music that reflects the mood of writing you'd like to aim for. Press play. Start free writing. Write the first words that come into your head. When the music's over, so is the writing. I'd recommend finding out how long the song is before you start the exercise. You may feel cheated in your writing time if you pick a song by The Ramones. Of course, if you feel like writing a short, punky piece by all means, go for it!

It’s like searching for the perfect seashell at low tide. Countless dozens crowd the beach, each with their own unique design. Some have been buffed smooth, aged by time and salt; others are worn jagged from rocks and heavy feet. Each fantastically flawed in its own way. I know if I look, the perfect seashell is out there waiting in the jumbled heap just for me. It’s not always an easy search. I must carefully pick through the other shells to find mine, and in the process I may be left with cuts or scars, but it's all part of the journey. Those wounds heal in time.

When I see my perfect seashell I’ll know. Over the rush of the waves, it will call to me from the sand demanding to be picked up, put it in my pocket and carried home. Once I’ve found it, all other seashells will pale in comparison. Their beauty and individual differences surely still appreciated, but I will always long to hold the one that washed up, and waited, just for me.
I long to find the seashell that’s mine all mine. I will clean off the salt, caress the edges, and forever keep it safe.

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  1. Wow the music really reflects in what you wrote it goes together perfectly. I love the feeling to the whole thing :)

  2. I love this Lillie.

    The song and the words fit together perfectly and I love the analogy of the seashell.

    It's beautiful!

  3. Thanks Tessa and Sarah! I am addicted to anything Ray Lamontangne :)

  4. Seashells in the sand! What a wonderful analogy for looking for one's "better half" in the world. It is written beautifully, each sentence finding its perfect analogy in the search for the one true love. I especially liked the phrase "aged by time and salt", which is remarkably powerful while still being extremely soothing and flowing along with the rest of the piece like a slow river. You have a beautiful way with words, Lillie.

    / Rain

  5. Beautiful description Lillie! I think you did an excellent job of using the seashells as a metaphor for a relationship. The use of language in this piece is lovely.

  6. A lovely gentle metaphor. I love the idea that the perfect shell will demand to be known.

  7. I really like this piece Lillie...a little the seashells you have written about...thank you

  8. I've listened to his music but maybe not heard... at least not like this. I am scarred, in ways unseen and music is my balm. Thank you for a new salve.

  9. This is really well written, Lillie! I love that you can get a sense of who, or what type of character the 'seashell' will be, and not just a sense of the narrator's character.
    I love:
    "...but I will always long to hold the one that washed up, and waited, just for me." :D

  10. Thank you all for the lovely comments!!!

  11. Hmm... so you are Lillie McFerrin? I have heard about you around the blogosphere.... I do like the way you write, and I LOVE this piece. I read it once without music and then again with the music - really really good.

    I noticed you are just became a follower over at my blog. Thanks! I needed a boost today. I don't normally do the "you like me so I will like you" thing. But I DO like your blog... So I shall follow.

    I may even think about your 5 sentence fiction... a bit intimidating though - that Eloise is so clever, it is a lot of pressure :0)

  12. I love the metaphors contained within this piece...I can imagine combing the beach for seashells to this :)

  13. I thought this was beautiful. A nice analogy, it was a natural piece, flowed well and was full of honest emotion. Lovely use of your song