Thursday, October 6, 2011

Five Sentence Fiction - Delirious

For the past two weeks I've participated in Words on Wednesday. If you haven't visited Gill's amazing blog, check it out!! I've enjoyed WoW so much, I wanted to create something similar on my blog that would be a quick, fun weekly writing exercise.

Five Sentence Fiction has been one of the ideas that keeps coming back to me. It's about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the inspiration word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just take your inspiration from that word.

This week's inspiration word is: DELIRIOUS

My contribution for this week:

 "From my perch on the log, I watched the squirrels watching me. Between us sat one fat, rugged brown nut. We were all thinking the same thing. Who would get to that nut first? But, when I lunged the squirrels vanished, taking their nut with them, and my eyes fluttered to reveal stark white walls, a nurse, and curious looking monitors."

I look forward to reading everyone's five sentences. Post your Five Sentences on your blog, and link up your post below. Once you've posted your Five Senteces, be sure to check out the other blogs. Any feedback on Five Sentence Fiction is welcome!

Happy Writing!


  1. I really enjoyed that piece. An unexpected twist that caught me out. Good stuff! (Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day btw!)

  2. Thank you Adam, and you're very welcome!!!

  3. I like this idea Lillie.

    I plan on giving it a go but I've been over blogging a little over the weekend and my WoW post will probably go up tomorrow so I'll leave it for a few days.

    I will be back though :)

    ps, liked both your's and Adams posts, good stuff!

  4. Thanks Sarah! I look forward to you joining in when you have time :)

  5. I love the idea, Lillie...I will take part this Friday. You took me by surprise, getting the linky set up so quickly! Good on you. It's a great exercise for writers...

    I'll edit in a link to this on my WoW exercise from yesterday. Now, I don't know how to make a button, I was lucky enough to have one made for me but let's post a question to the WoW FB page and see if anyone else knows how....Perhaps start searching for images you may like to use for a button and that way once we figure out the HTML stuff it will be ready to go.

    I love your first Five on Friday contribution - it's quirky, little story. Clever.

    Gill x

  6. This looks like a great extra exercise (not too taxing) to end the week. I have been struggling to write later in the week as I work Thursdays and then have a little 4 yo to entertain the remainder of the week. This might be just what I need to get my writing 'fix'

    I will try this exercise tonight and link back soon

    PS just saw you are a newbie quilter :) I love quilting, my other crafty blog has a little quilting on it - though I've been very slack and not finished a single quilt this year yet :(

  7. Gill - thank you for all of your help!!! I will work on researching that and finding a picture that will work.

    Car - I will check out the other blog. I've been the same way this year! I have three quilt toppers finished, but haven't even chosen a backing for them. It's so much fun :)