Sunday, April 15, 2012

Armor - #5SentenceFiction

I've never been what you'd call pretty as my hair has an irrepressible will to stand up and frizz, my knees are knobby, and there's this awful freckle just below my nose shaped like Alaska, among other things. So, when I was asked to give a speech to the incoming freshman class of my high school I was flabergasted that they would want awkward me.

I guess the principle read my suprise, bewilderment, and horror because he went on to say, "Liza, we chose you because you're an example of everything we strive for at this school. You always proudly wear your shining armor of intelligence, compassion, and humility.

Then I smiled to myself because the principle may have changed his mind if he'd read my overjoyed thoughts of how angry snotty head cheerlearder, Gabbie, would be when she found out they'd chosen little 'ol me.