Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fairy Fiction - Iridescent Love

Here's my entry for Anna Meade's awesome blog contest.

Iridescent Love

It’s like gazing directly at the summer sun. After looking away his light leaves a bright haze, setting tiny fireballs dancing across my vision. Iridescent blue-green wings flap frantically as he zips around my bedroom.
A memory from last year tugs at the corners of my mouth.
We had passed each other in the hall at work for a year, smiling and awkwardly locking eyes. Then one day he showed up in my office.
“You’ve never worn that shirt before,” he said, casually leaning against my desk.
“Nope, got it last week.” Yes, I was enamored with him for noticing my new shirt.
 “I like it. Feel like taking a walk with me?”
“Anything,” I said lamely. Wiping the moisture from my palms down my slacks, I dazedly followed him outside.
Once we were away from the office, he grasped my shoulders, suddenly serious. “You feel it too, right? This…thing between us? It’s like electricity or lightening or something. I don’t know. You make me shaky…In a good way…I think. My mind gets scrambled when you look at me.”
I brushed a finger across his lips. “I’ve felt it since the first time our eyes met.
 “There’s something you have to know about me before this goes any farther. I’m a fairy."
Brows raised, I just stared him.
“Really. Sure, I know most people think it’s only a girl thing, but it’s not.”
I continued to stare in disbelief.
“Okay, wait right here,” he said, before disappearing behind a bush.
Next thing I knew there was a slight pressure on my shoulder. My six foot man had become a six inch fairy.
“Well,” I said. “I think love means taking you as you are.”
He smiled, flapped his shimmering wings and planted the faintest of fairy kisses on my nose.


  1. Love the opening. :) And the perfect ending with the kiss on the nose.

  2. where else would a fairies kiss their beloveds?! Light and bright, really liked it Lillie!

  3. Ooo, really like this Lillie! I agree, that opening is phenomenal!

  4. Ooooh, spine-tingling! It's just gorgeous, my favourite part was when they took a walk and then he suddenly grabbed her, it was like something out of an old-school black-and-white movie! Sounds like a great writing comp too, best of luck.

  5. Fairy smooches are the best smooches. Very charming ;)

    Thank you for entering, Lillie!

  6. Haha - I love this! The outcome was so unexpected :)

  7. This is really sweet! Love the fairy kiss! :)

  8. Guy faeries, I like it. Romance is in the air. Formatting was a little odd on my browser, just to let you know. There were several places where words ran together without spaces. Just a heads up on the web side of things. Nice tale!

  9. This made me laugh out loud... brilliant.

  10. I also noticed the spaces - maybe a funky formatting thing, especially if you cut/pasted it from a word processor.

    Regardless, this was great. Such a cute vignette!

  11. I'm thinking this needs to be EXPANDED! Loved it!

  12. What a lovely story. Stories that end in kisses are a favorite of mine.

  13. Wondrous! I want my own! I have a sasquatch, not a fairy...but he's pretty wonderful too. Well done!

  14. Thank you all for stopping by and leaving awesome comments! Anna's prompt was so much fun :)