Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog Hop Winners!!

This was an extraordinarily difficult decision for us to make. There were so many amazing entries for the Blog Hop!!!

But, Angie, Angela, Daniel, and I finally came to a decision on the five winners. Thanks to everyone who participated and spread the word to make our blog hop a success. You guys rock!!

And the winners are:

1st PLACE:  Ruth Long "Between the Lines" - 50 pg edit from Me!!

2nd PLACE:  Donna McNicol "Forest Flowers" - 25 pg edit from Angie Richmond

3rd PLACE: Jo Ann Teal "Out of the Dark" - 15 pg edit from Angela Goff

4th PLACE:  Brewed Bohemian "A Beautiful Place to Die" - 10 pg edit from Daniel Swensen

5th PLACE:  Gwen Tolios "Extinguishing Souls" - a copy of Stephen King's On Writing

Make sure to grab the winner button for your blog :)


  1. Thanks for hosting such a fun bloghop and choosing such a stellar photo prompt!!

    Congratulations to everyone who hosted and participated!! :)

    (I generally quote Blazing Saddles when it comes to badges ('Badges?! We don't need no stinkin' badges!') but this one's swell and I'm gonna swipe it and make good use of it!! Thanks!)

  2. Thank you to the hosts and all the entrants in the blog hop. I had a blast writing my entry and reading all the others. I was off on a cruise when the winners were announced and was so tickled to come home to the news of being second place. Off to grab the badge....thank you again!