Monday, December 5, 2011

Only Writing in my Head!

Ever get to that place in the novel writing adventure where it’s all you think about, but writing is still difficult? I’m so there.
My dog gets my frustration!
I am still working on my NaNo novel. It is a story I love, full of characters I want to be friends with, but I still have a hard time getting the words out. Sometimes, I want to start back at the beginning and edit, edit, edit. Other times, I think I should continue writing and edit later.
The story is always on my mind. I don’t have the slightest problem thinking of things that I want to happen, things I want to tweak, or characters that need a little something extra. The story plays alive and well across my mind; everything is magic and harmonious in my head, but as soon as I sit down to get all of it down the creative factory closes, an iron door falls shutting in everything I wanted to say. It’s the strangest case of writer’s block I’ve ever encountered.
Sometimes I think the pressure I feel to write perfectly, self-inflicted pressure of course, harms my writing more than anything else. I want the words to flow as beautifully on paper as they do in my mind. So, when I sit down to write I fear I won’t live up to my own expectations. It’s a constant battle between me, myself, and I.
How do you get past this?
On a happier note, an amazing writer has started a blog! Check out Steven’s blog. He basically kicked NaNoWriMo rear, and is still going strong. Also, if you’re up for #wordmongering on Twitter, he is around for motivation. Just try and keep up with his 30 minute words counts. I dare you! Find him on Twitter: @ashviper


  1. You just described where I am at quite often with my writing. If you do find the way past it let us know, up until now all I can do is work through it and hope eventually what's in my head will come out on the paper.

  2. It's hard to shut off editing brain while you draft. But you can get through it. I find myself rereading what I've wrote just to read it. Lol. And I also have conversations out loud when I'm not in front of my computer. My kids probably are thinking, 'there goes mom, writing out loud again'. Then I get in front of the computer, and the same thing happens to me and I don't remember what the heck I just said to myself. Maybe I need a tape recorder...

  3. I know just what you mean. It's where I am at too! I'm trying to follow Kate Grenville's Book "The Writing Guide", it helps give me a bit of structure and helps me to follow a plan. Perhaps schedule time for free writing and then time for editing/adding finer detail? Hmmm, I'm so not an expert, just throwing ideas at you!

  4. I have felt that so often. Just remember how much better your piece will be if you just get it all down and then let it breathe! I takes time to polish so don't expect perfection now. you have it in you! Keep writing!

  5. Thanks guys!!! A tape recorder is a good idea! And, Gill, I'm always looking for awesome new books on writing :)

    Happy Writing!