Saturday, December 10, 2011


She glares at the cursor, irritated by its mocking blink reminding her she spent too much time using backspace, Facebook and Twitter.  Five hours at the desk with only nineteen words to show for her numb rear and strained eyes. Sure, there had been more words at certain parts of the day, but in the end only nineteen remained. Sitting back in her brown leather chair, she imagined how it might feel to take her laptop outside to run over it with her car a few times, or throw open the window and hurl it down to the cold hard ground below, or take it out back, toss it on the old charcoal grill and watch it go up in glorious flames. But, she knew she would be sorry if she killed her laptop, because while it had been a rough day that hunk of gigabytes and ram housed pieces of her heart and soul.


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  1. Oh, how I know that feeling! Great use of nineteen :)

  2. Love this! ....I know the feeling fact was there earlier today!! Great job!

  3. Oh, the sense of frustration! Glad she had the heart and soul to keep her grounded!