Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Persistent Characters

Today I sat down to work on my new novel, but was quickly distracted by thoughts of the characters in my completed novel. I kept thinking about Ella and Riley, and new conversations or adventures they could have. They were running through my mind, until I had to give them my full attention. I put away the new work and went back to the old, supposed to be completed, novel.

So, for three hours this morning I worked on it, adding over two thousand new words before I was done. I truly am happy with the result from each addition. I’m glad I listened to them, but it left me wondering what will happen once the book is published. Will I ever feel it’s complete, needing no changes or additions? I suppose like most art forms, the artist can always find a flaw or a way to enhance the final product. Maybe it’s that Ella and Riley are the first characters I created that ended in a completed manuscript, that I have such a difficult time letting them go.

It made me think that these two characters might need a sequel. Maybe they have another story that needs to be told. How exciting!

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