Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hello World!

For a year I sat diligently at my desk, assaulting my keyboard and overusing linking verbs. Now, I have a novel that’s complete. Beginning to end. Written entirely by me.
Each word was placed with purpose. Every sentence was arranged and rearranged for proper impact. Without a doubt writing is a labor of love. Some days the page fills up before you even realize you’re thinking, but other days you watch the steady blink of the cursor for hours waiting for inspiration. Blank pages can be your best friend and your worst enemy.
It’s an extreme sense of achievement to complete a novel. Seeing the manuscript printed out, bound together was proof that, yeah, I can actually do this.
Turns out writing the novel was the easy part. Where to go from “the end” is really the tough part. No one ever talks about what happens to Cinderella after she rides off into the sunset with her prince charming. That’s a story worth telling. Well, only if her life is filled with intrigue, she remains the strong woman we know and love, and prince charming doesn’t get a beer gut. My own story following “the end” has yet to be written. That’s exciting and anxiety inducing. That’s why I’m sitting here writing now, telling the after story. I’m fairly certain my novel doesn’t suck. Some days I’m even convinced it’s quite good.
So, what do you do with both free minutes in your day once you’ve written your first novel, are steady working to get it published, and hard at work on your second novel? Start a blog of course!
My hope for this blog is a mutual, respectful and enlightening sharing of information that any aspiring author needs to know. Through my journey I hope to make the road slightly less rocky for another writer.


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